Rapid Communication System

The most used and effective communication device is a Mobile. You will be updated frequently and immediately about your ward’s absence, test results, Home work, and about any problems if any.

Analyse yourself

Analyse yourself before every step you take. Take note of the subject that need more attention. Our Intelligent system will tell you where to put more efforts on.


Now you can post your problems relative to your class and all other related parents can view and answer them. Now your query will not go unnoticed.

Common repository

Important materials and notes can be uploaded by your teacher for future reference. You can download them at your convenience and refer them.

About Vayuna

Vayuna is a service that helps you to organise yourself and present all your achievements in life, be it academic or extra-curricular, full-time or vocational. Vayuna represents all the milestones a student has passed through during his student life.

What Is Intended.

  • To develop a better communication bridge with parents.
  • Update activities like attendance, exam results and other school activities.
  • A proper representation of student’s achievements


  • Bridges the distance between Parents, Educators & Students.
  • Encourages Tangential learning by exposing students to contextual content.
  • Consternation rote learning methodology.
  • Entire Academic details / achievements gets digitized and is available online.
  • Students are always in acquaintance with the School, No matter where they are.
  • Lessen hand written & paper work and speeds up work processing.
  • Recedes the Parent & Teacher interaction, as descriptive performance analysis reports are available online.